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We serve to empower individuals to be their best through academic achievement, financial literacy and leadership training that will result in self-sufficiency, cohesive families, stronger communities, and a better world. 


We specifically support educational advancement and economic opportunity in order to strengthen the family, build stable communities, and positively impact the world. Our objective is to facilitate and incubate for innovative solutions for society’s biggest challenges thru individual academic achievement and collaborative advancement which results in a more progressive and productive society. We support the pursuit of educational matriculation in both collegiate and vocational institutions, as well as entrepreneurial mentorship programs. 


We believe that increasing educational and economic opportunities for individuals from low-income and minority communities will improve their intellectual capacity, economic viability, and their overall ability to contribute to their communities and the world.



The effectiveness of Farr’s Best strategies for success are based on our ability to unite, organize, and develop sustainable systems for both individual and collective growth. We invite you to join us by becoming a Farr’s Best Partner.  By giving to Farr’s Best, you will be partnering with us to help eliminate inequities, improve education, promote health and wellness, and equip individuals and families with the tools for economic empowerment. 

Join the Partner program today by making any single gift of $150 or more. This gift entitles you to:

  • Exclusive invitations to special events for our dedicated donors.

  • Updates from chief executive staff on current projects

We are deeply grateful for the significant contribution that each Partner makes to Farr’s Best Foundation. Play a role in our life-changing work, become a Partner today.