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Funds to assist family members with higher education are available

for individuals interested in pursuing advanced education. There are

educational requirements that must be met prior to the receipt of

educational funds for tuition assistance.

Health & Wellness 

Farr’s Best is a proud supporter of the American Diabetes Association

& Alzheimer Foundation. We believe in the quest to find a cure for

individuals and families who are dealing with these insidious and

devastating diseases. Farr’s Best also supports the National Alliance on

Mental Health where the goal is to ensure that people affected by

mental health conditions, the individual and their families, have access

to the most current information regarding mental health conditions and their treatments.

Prevention is the key to improving health outcomes. Farr’s Best is committed to providing access to health information with a focus on preventing diseases that are prevalent within the black community. 

Economic Empowerment 

Farr’s Best has developed sustainable systems to support the business

goals of individuals and the group. We assist individuals and families

in obtaining financing for their start-up business after reviewing and

validating their business plan. We also provide business consultation

in an effort to increase their likelihood of success. All businesses who

receive funding from Farr’s Best must comply with the Farr’s Best

standard of operation because their business will carry the Farr’s Best brand.


Give with us to accelerate equality, empowerment, and opportunity.

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